our specialty : the self-standing flexible pouch

for packaging your liquid products
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Environmental challenges are at the core of BAG'INNOV's mission

... with this "bag without the box" in a waste reduction mindset: the self-standing pouch by BAG'INNOV.

It caters to manufacturers and distributors seeking innovative packaging solutions in the agri-food, industrial, or chemical sectors.

What is a « Pouch » ?

It is simply a flexible pouch that stands upright, equipped with a carrying handle and a connector (tap, cap, or valve).

The « Pouch » is a truly innovative form of packaging: its design makes it one of the most practical and modern packaging solutions.

poche autoportante Bag Innov
valve pour poche autoportante liquide

Bag Innov launches the first recyclable Pouch!

In line with COTREP recommendations for flexible packaging

Made up of 90% polyethylene and 5% EVOH

Our recyclable pouch is "Made in France."

Recycling will give it a second life while reducing its environmental impact by avoiding landfilling or incineration.

pouch poche autoportante recyclable Bag Innov

Its film structure acts as an oxygen barrier for your liquids sensitive to air exposure

Its opaque film structure protects your liquids sensitive to light

This structure is also suitable for food contact

With this product, you can communicate on the packaging its recyclability by a logo or a mention

Our commitment to the environment

At BAG’INNOV, we strive to adopt a reasoned and responsible approach to resource preservation, energy consumption, and waste management.

We aim to limit the ecological impact of our activities by favoring responsible products (eco-designed, recyclable, locally sourced…) whenever economically and technically feasible.


Uses of the pouch

The ideal packaging for
food / industrial / chemical

Food liquids

Wine, fruit juice, yogurt, cooking oil, vinegar...

Detergents and cleaning products

Dishwashing liquid, rinse aid, liquid laundry detergent, fabric softener, hand wash gel...

...and much more

Windshield washer fluid, motor oil, liquid fertilizer...


Advantages of the pouch

Packaging reduced to its strictest form -50% in weight and -90% in volume.

The pouch enables source reduction

With equivalent capacity and functionality, pouch production saves approximately 50% of plastic material compared to a rigid container.

The pouch lightens your transportation

Compared to rigid containers, you save 500 kg for every 10,000 pouches and up to 5 tons for every 100,000 pouches!! (estimated for a 3L pouch vs. a 3L rigid container)

You optimize your dry storage space

6 pallets measuring 80x120 of pouches are equivalent to a load of 30 pallets measuring 100x120 of rigid containers. You gain 80% in storage surface area and 87% in storage volume.

The use of self-standing pouches reduces waste for your customers

-50% in weight and -90% in volume.


Bag'Innov self-standing pouches

Some of our achievements

The pouch nourishes your CSR policy...