Our standard packaging

Available without minimum quantity

  • A range of recyclable pouches, “Black and colors” design, available in 1.5, 3, and 5 liters; initially designed for wine but can be used for other products as well (olive oil, grape juice, birch sap, etc…)
  • A generic “apple juice” pouch available in 3 liters
  • A range of 100% recyclable white pouches available in 1.5 and 3 liters
new recyclable black and colors pouch Bag Innov
pouch pour jus de pomme
Poche autoportante recyclable Bag Innov



The « V-pull » tap

STANDARD Version : available in 3 colors

connectique pouch autoportant modele standard 3 coloris

COMPACT version: available in 3 colors

connectique compacte pour pouch

The « QCD » (quick connect and disconnect) valve for automatic connection

valve QCD Bag Innov

The hinged tamper evident cap

bouchon inviolable bag innov

Customized pouches

  • Monochrome screen printing service for overprinting (color of your choice – minimum 1000 units)
  • 100% customization (including top and bottom gussets) starting from 15,000 to 20,000 units, using flexography and/or heliography printing.
Pouch emballage jus de pomme
pouch emballage yaourt à boire
Poche autoportante personnalisée pour le vin

If you need cardboard boxes for your pouches or connectors...